The Hope Canteen Podcast, Episode 35: Jesus Calls His Disciples

Episode 35: Jesus Calls the First Disciples

Mark 1:14-20 begins with Jesus entering the region of Galilee, already proclaiming the good news of the coming Kingdom of God. As he walks along the shore, he sees four young fishermen and calls them to follow him. Immediately, they leave their nets and their father to join Jesus on the adventure of faith. When Jesus calls his disciples, he also gives us insight into what it means for us to strive to follow Jesus 2000 years later.

Join us around the virtual table as we talk about calling, discipleship, and what repentance really involves.

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  1. I endorse Professor Barclay’s view that while Jesus was still alive the four fishermen faced somewhat of a both/and rather than an either/or experience regarding fishing, work that for awhile encompassed both casting nets for fish and seeking further disciples for Jesus among people. It is entirely possible that the two sets of brothers all worked for Zebedee at his well-established business. Perhaps too Zebedde’s business employed several other fishermen, so that things were not seriously disrupted by his sons’ and their friends’ departure to follow Jesus. Much of Jesus/ active ministry was on and around the lake of Galilee, so why not an arrangement enabling some of his “first-called” disciples to fish at times for a livelihood while others learned to fish for men in the surrounding hills and towns.? And then, switch about.

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